Law School Probability Calculator

This Law School Probability calculator uses data gathered from Law School Numbers to calculate your chances to attend different law schools. All data is self-reported, but with over 143,000 data points, it should be somewhat accurate.

You will probably want to search by simply typing an LSAT and a GPA. The other option is to type a range, such as: "170-173" for the LSAT and "3.6-3.9" for the GPA. The range is optional, but perhaps helpful if your numbers are odd (by default, a small range is applied.)

The separate "Range Option" generates a "chances" prediction (based on previous applicants) for every LSAT score in the LSAT range you specify. For example, with the above example, it will generate a separate chance for every LSAT score from 170 to 173. Update (10/24/2009): We are now updated through the latest admissions cycle.

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* URM stands for "Under-Represented Minority" applicants.